Best Italian Restaurant in KL for Authentic Italian Food

italian restaurant in kl

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Italians are the people who possess built-in varieties of culinary. Therefore, this is the actual reason that Italian dishes have been eatable by and large around the global food market. Be it Pasta or Pizza, you can enjoy authentic Italian food in one of the best Italian restaurants in KL.

Best Italian Restaurant in KL

The city of Kuala Lumpur is also the food capital of Malaysia as you can almost find any of the world cuisine here. The Italian food in KL is the preferred choice of not only tourists, but you will also find plenty of locals dining in these restaurants. To ease your search of the best Italian restaurant in KL, we have reviewed some of the known establishments in the town below.

1. La Risata Bar Pizzeria Ristorante

The La Risata in English language is known as ‘The Laughter’, operating in Kuala Lumpur city since the period of 1996 and gained enormous popularity among Malay people by offering plenty of genuine Italian cuisines approaching a thorough quality in terms of preparing such Italian dishes on a wooden fire and baked in oven specifically. For instance, the restaurant’s famous myriad dishes that certainly vary from crunchy pizzas to pastas, meaty and seafood items have primarily yielded an original Italian taste to its consumers. So, do visit this authentic Italian restaurant in KL to try some of the Italian specialties.

Address: 16 Persiaran Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: +60 3-4252 6269
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2. Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar

The Garibaldi is a renowned Italian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur especially for its organic cooking of pastas. After gaining huge market share in Singapore the branch of this restaurant was then inaugurated in Kuala Lumpur city. The restaurant is thus pretty famous for delivering a quality taste of wines served with its hearty Italian meals. Its special food items include the dishes as pappardelle served with venison wild and the squid ink ravioli filled with crab meat.

Address: Lot G10 & G22, Bangsar Village I, Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +60 3-2282 3456

3. Nerovivo

The Nerovivo Italian restaurant in KL has specifically gained its mark on the city due to its excessive quality offerings in an authentic Italian food. The construction of this restaurant is created in such a way that the both inside and outermost surroundings of the restaurant intend a cool impact upon its visitors due to lilac painted walls and having a versatile dinner in the al-fresco dining area. The restaurant thus gathers a number of customers to enjoy an impressive Italian cuisine within the Malaysia’s capital city. It similarly possesses a quality service while dining in the restaurant and also offers its catering services as per customer suggested location.

Address: 3A, Jalan Ceylon, Bukit Ceylon, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: +60 3-2070 3120
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4. Trattoria Cucina Italia

The Trattoria Cucina Italia was publicly honored for its authentic, easy made culinary and the blend of original Italian ingredients utilized in the preparation of Italian food items. Therefore, the restaurant’s organically made Italian menu is thoroughly segmented as the list of starters, pastas, pizzas, secondi as its main meal items and the dessert portion is rightly served after the main course of a meal. The resolution of such a restaurant is to gather every person in spreading the love of pizzas instead of encountering.

Address: Ground Floor, East Wing of Menara Rohas Perkasa Jalan Perak, 8, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: +60 3-2163 2368
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5. Bel Pasto Pizza Italian Restaurant

The Bel Pasto Pizza Italian Restaurant in KL delivers purely an Italian taste of its meals prepared for its number of customers that is mainly embedded in a western touch. The culinary menu of such a restaurant contains variety of scrumptious Italian cuisine of which the most popular eatables include Calamari Rings, Mushroom Soup, Pizza Quatro, Spaghetti Marinanra served with spicy tomato sauce, Lamb Shank with Risotto, Bel Pasto Pizza varieties, etc. Thus, its signature Italian dish is known as Tiramisu that can be easily purchased at very economical rates.

Address: 23A,, 2, Jalan Desa 2/2, Desa Aman Puri, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-6273 5255
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These are some of the known and authentic Italian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. If you want to recommend an Italian restaurant in KL, please add comments below.

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