The Gardens Mall Kuala Lumpur – KL Premium Shopping Mall

The Gardens Mall Kuala Lumpur

With as many as 200 stores, spread over 6 floors, the Gardens Mall Kuala Lumpur is a ritzy shopping center that covers all of your shopping needs. From local brands to world’s most popular franchises, this mall is a place where you will catch just everything that you may need.

Overview of The Gardens Mall Kuala Lumpur

For its great number of stores and 6 floors, The Gardens Mall Kuala Lumpur has earned itself a privilege to be called a best shopping destination in KL. This is not only because of the myriad of merchandise that it is a home to, but also because of its location. For instance, The Mid Valley Megamall, which is one of Kuala Lumpur’s best shopping mall, is situated next door to this mall.

Interior and Exterior of the Mall

The Gardens Mall Kuala Lumpur covers a total of 9.7 acreages and close to it is the developmental complex with 4 towers. Two of the tower houses, residential blocks, one is a 5 star hotel and the 4th part is occupied by the offices.

The Gardens Mall is a perfect example of an elegant and one of its kind mall. Unlike many malls, this shopping complex is not a two-story, a typical mall with clothes store with eateries and restaurants, on the contrary, is it more contemporary atrium with walls paneled in classic brown and reproduced greenery, the shrill corners with sleek interior designs makes this mall looks open and clean.


The Gardens Mall KL is a home to a number of most poshest and classiest brands with Japanese big-box, Isetan, US bookstores, Robinsons UK departmental as its anchor tenants. Apart from these, there is also a Golden Screen Cinema which is known to be one of the largest in Malaysia. From top notch brands of many other goods, this mall has it all to cater to your shopping needs. You will be able to find gift ideas in Kuala Lumpur from the many departmental stores present in the mall.

Food Court

Unlike typical malls, the subordinate ground floor of this beautiful complex is covered by a food court. Here you will find a myriad of world renowned food chains and restaurants. These restaurants offer the local as well as the international cuisines. So you can enjoy western food like pastas or pizzas to local specialties. In short the mall has over 30 restaurants, and each has their own unique and special menu. Even the finickiest visitor is going to enjoy indulging into satiating his hunger.

Brands Available

Some of the most popular brands to be found here are Banana Republic, Versace, Borders, Warehouse, Burberry, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Lacoste, Fleur, Promod, Armani, Just B, Kate space, Hermes and many other.


The Gardens Mall Kuala Lumpur is more just that a shopping complex, in fact, it is a great entertainment venture in its own. The pathways exterior to the central piazza on the bottom floor is a perfect place to sit and watch people wander between the mall and the Mid Valley Megamall. The Golden Screen Cinema is a great source of attraction to the movie enthusiast. This is not only the largest cinema of Malaysia but also the only one with 7 galleries. One is a Vertigo, two are a Gold Class, the other has the city’s most popular and most visited dance clubs and rooftop bars along with a Red Box and a Karaoke box.

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Getting to the Gardens Mall

The most convenient way of getting to the Gardens mall is using the public transportation. Komtar Mid Valley Station in Kuala Lampur entertains all the arriving and departing buses and coaches to and from Kuala Lampur. Taking a bus from this station will directly take you to the doorstep of Gardens mall. There are several other Rapid KL buses that take you to the Mid Valley Megamall’s Entrance at the North court side. From here, walking to the gardens mall is easy.

Address and Timings

Situated in the Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur. The Gardens mall opens 10:00am – 22:00pm every day. Whenever you visit Kuala Lumpur, do visit this place. It is one of the most exciting malls of the town, offering a great shopping experience. Local visitors often come here for shopping, especially when they have to shop for some specific branded collection.

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